Rope – Run 14th-18th November 2017

Review of Rope in June and Winter

Our darkly comic thriller Rope opened on Tuesday 14th November and it runs until Saturday 18th November. Ticket can be bought here: Websters Theatre, Glasgow

Loosely based on the Leopold and Loeb murder case, two university students, Wyndham Brandon and (in our version) Charlotte “Granno” Granillo, murder fellow student Ronald Kentley as an expression of their Nihilistic intellectual superiority. They hide Kentley’s body in a chest and invite his friends and family round for a party, using the chest as a table. 

It was made into a film by Alfred Hitchcock, and the real life murder case was also filmed as Compulsion.

Directed by Gary Hurr, produced by Aaron Robert Pennie and stage managed by Stacy Nicholson.


Wyndham Brandon – Kristopher Curran

Charlotte Granillo – Eveline Novak

Sabot – Sara Hamilton

Sir Johnstone Kentley – Neil Anderson

Kenneth Raglan – Stewart Macdougall

Leila Arden – Jade Kelly

Mrs Debenham – Jenny Ryall

Rupert Cadell – Richard Craig

Ronald Kentley – Aaron Robert Pennie



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