Audition Notice! Glengarry Glen Ross

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UPDATE : We now have a cast! Thank you to everyone who auditioned. 


Strathclyde Theatre Group invites expressions of interest from actors to appear in its flagship autumn production, David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross, directed by Gary Hurr, produced by Aaron Pennie, at Websters Theatre, Glasgow from 7 – 10 September 2016.


The ability to speak with a convincing American accent

Availability to attend all required rehearsals starting in late June and then in July and August 2016 (likely commitment is two rehearsals per week initially and more frequent nearer the production dates)

Must be free during production week, September 3 – 10 2016 (evenings)

Comfortable delivering dialogue which some may find offensive (frequent swearing, racial insults etc)

Unpaid work

For the audition:

please prepare a short monologue from a modern American play. You will also be asked to read some scenes from Glengarry Glen Ross and may be asked to work with other actors on some scenes in a workshop type session.

Cast of characters

(some roles are open to both male and female actors, where indicated by M/F). Ages are indicative at this stage and will depend on final casting.

Ricky Roma – the leading salesman, slick, ruthless, charming. Target playing age 30s/40s. (M/F)

Shelley “the machine” Levene – older salesman down on his luck, in a slump and desperate for a return to his glory days. Target playing age 40s/50s/60s.

Dave Moss – volatile, scheming salesman. At odds with Roma throughout. Target playing age 30s/40s/50s.

George Aaronow – nice guy. A salesman who hates his job and the lies he has to tell to succeed. Target playing age – 40s/50s/60s.

John Williamson – the sales office manager. Company man. Hated by all the salesman as he has never done their job. Bureaucrat but willing to bend the rules for personal gain. Target playing age 20s/30s.

James Lyngk – impressionable, friendless client of Roma. Signs up to buy some real estate then changes his mind. Target playing age 30s/40s.

Balen – police officer investigating fraud at the sales office. (M/F). Target playing age 20s/30s/40s.

Blake – ruthless, slick sales director from head office. Delivers a searing indictment of the salesmen during a meeting at the start of the production. (M/F). Target playing age 30s/40s.

Auditions will be held in Glasgow on the following dates:

June 9 (evening)

June 12 (afternoon)

June 16 (evening)




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