The Winter’s Tale – Why?


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People have asked why we choose to do The Winter’s Tale – one of Shakespeare’s later, romantic tragi-comedies, known for it’s odd structure and abrupt resolution – and we have lots of reasons.

One – we’re clearly tapped into the zeitgeist – since it was announced as part of The Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company’s season  at The Garrick shortly after we made the decision to stage our own version.

And beyond that – so much of it seems to resemble childhood fairytales… Winter, Spring, wild animals, a babe lost and rescued, the dead miraculously brought back to life, ghosts, oracles, tyrannical parents, and lovers put through ordeals before they can live happily ever after.

The story has magic, loss, sorrow, regret, love, redemption, a strong sense of cyclical time and Pantomime in the characters of rogue, Clown and Shepherd who clash over money, class and deception.

In short – it’s a strange, beautiful, funny play & well worth revisiting.


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