The Winter’s Tale – Cast


UPDATE: due to unforeseen circumstances we’ve had to sadly lose the brilliant Ron Stirling & gain the equally brilliant Stewart Macdougall as Leontes and Daniel Sweetman as Antigonus/Steward, the role Stewart was originally playing & still knows all the words to! 

This week in rehearsals for The Winter’s Tale we’ve been discussing the famous stage direction – Exit pursued by a bear... There are many ways of doing ‘the bear’ from a person dressed as a bear, to a real bear, to a projection, to nothing but a sound-effect… At the moment we seem to have settled on an Ewok singing Yub Nub (it may take us a while to get permission from Disney).

In the meantime – you can get your tickets here:

We’ve also had some requests for a full cast list – so here it is:

Jericho Reid – Mamillus, Clown

Eleanor Casson – Emilia, Mopsa, Dion

Greg Wylie – Officer, Gentleman, Servant

John Jebavy – Florizel

Nora Smyth – Perdita

Will Speirs – Autolycus

Daniel Sweetman – Antigonus, Steward

Megan Green – Hermione

Gary Hurr – Camillo

Aaron Pennie – Polixenes

Stewart Macdougall – Leontes

Elisabeth Holland – Shepherd, Knight

Gillian Massey – Paulina, Dorcus

Christian Zanone – Mariner, Time, Lord, Gaoler, Cleomenes


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